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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [China] lost a beautiful shoe network disappears sneakers Technology (on) From the mid-1980s, NIKE will cushion implantation bottom shoes began, sports shoes Technology has entered a golden period of rapid development. In relying on science and technology to break the limit, to enhance athletic ability of thought, spare no effort to introduce major sports brands. Nearly 30 years, many novel ideas into our feet full of gimmicks new equipment, new technology to improve the performance of sports shoes, to enhance the capacity of our movement. But there are a lot of science and technology, for various reasons, abandoned the brand. Failed to follow down, it disappeared in the course of history. Let us count the current front two brands NIKE and Adidas sneakers Technology lost. NIKE Tuned Air NIKE air cushion has become synonymous with the end cushioning technology shoes, as the originator of cushioning technology until today plays the role of mainstay, its continuous innovation and reform is the key. From the initial hollow in the bottom of the charge air Air Sole development of simple to now Max Air, Zoom Air, Total Air, Vis Zoom and many other forms, which came out in 1998 Tuned Air (also known as TN Air) is the most special It is a form of the shortest life expectancy. at the time Max Air has been very mature, the new Zoom Air also popular backdrop, NIKE hope to develop a medium between the two, along with the ultimate cushioning and rapid reaction capability of air, So Max Air in similar large-capacity gas chamber implanted a chain of thermoplastic material hemispherical balloon, use higher pressure inside the hemisphere and the toughness of a better cushion for cushioning can be adjusted to provide a more stable while both cushioning performance feedback with. Tuned Air shoes in the end to enhance the performance can be described as a big success, when the representative of Air Big Flyer and Air Garnett III have become a big selling classic style. However, due to the high costs and the impact of future technology hot Shox, NIKE soon abandoned this niche, personalized cushion technology. Although last year launched NIKE Air Max TN 10th running s Cheap foamposites for sale hoes, but only the 10th anniversary of the significance of this technology, no new products launched in the field of basketball shoes. NIKE Morf Lift NIKE Morf may be a lot of shoes, fans talking, but talking about the "shoe shoe" we may immediately be able to think of the birth in 1999 of Air Pippen V, Air Zoom GP III and Air Kidd three shoes, Morf technology is only short-lived blip on these 3 products. In fact, the design was first shoe Converse sneakers on their use of helium, but will soon be abandoned. And now I also do not understand why NIKE then take the others down the road a proved failure, perhaps in pursuit of grandiose design that era, eye-catching gimmick than an actual function in the market more attractive. You can even extend the life of the shoes by replacing the jacket, but the jacket and the boots isolated existence design born poor stability flawed. Intense movement inside the sliding shoe boots can cause serious stability problems, and can not solve the problem of heavy shoes. Based on these two Morf technology proved unsuitable designed for basketball shoes, NIKE will soon be abandoned. NIKE Impax 2004 ?? NIKE no precursor to launch an innovative midsole cushioning technology Impax, the purpose of this research and development of technology inevitably some embarrassment - make up for deficiencies Shox technology. After Shox technology through the early hot, because the poor stability of the defect at the time suffered criticism, NIKE shock from ancient vaulted principle was inspired by the shape of the elastic material is playing with a transverse hole, the resettlement In the shoes of heel, so that the formation of a number followed by arch structure, the use of elastic deformation of the structure itself to cushion the impact of the movement, which is Impax works. This technique because material, process is relatively simple, low cost, mainly used in the end product, known as "cheap Shox". But the actual feeling of wearing Shox is not much difference, but also did not solve too high off the ground, poor stability, such as excessive weight problems, appearance is not pleasing, eventually abandoned the field of NIKE basketball shoes, running jordan shoes online sale shoes just in product on occasionally to see. adidas HUG dimensional embracing technology In many short-lived sports shoes science and technology, the most short-lived is probably the 2004 launch of the adidas HUG surrounded by three-dimensional technology, because there are many fatal flaws of this technology, will only apply in a screeching on T-mac 4 pair of shoes mindful of. Whatever the outcome, of course, the original intention of each technology research and development unit is active. Adidas designers get inspiration from the ski boot, we designed the shoe laces HUG This omission locking technology. Use the rope to the upper and heel cover knob locking system linking followed by adjusting the locking knob to adjust the tightness of the upper cover wrap material, thereby enabling every wearer can get for their parcel extent. Equipped with this technology T-mac 4 pair shape the future of mechanical boots style, followed by the metal bracket and locking knobs complex very brisk. However, the actual use of the process has a lot of problems, the first is the use of this complex mechanical systems are seriously overweight weight of shoes, for T-mac 4 guard such shoes in terms of cause fatal; upper cover will be built in motion rubs the foot, while the upper lock parcel after parcel of the lack of flexibility of traditional shoelaces, unable to better adapt to the feet of the action in motion, resulting in the case wrapped too tight or too loose; and the whole series of mechanical devices Jiaogan perfect pair of shoes, inadequate cushioning and flexibility ...... In short, full of gimmicks HUG system is not suitable for use in the field of basketball shoes, basketball requires flexibility on the feet and the feet of skiing locking requirements must be diametrically opposite, failure HUG technology is perhaps doomed from the start. adidas Feet You Wear "natural feet" Speaking of disappearing sneakers technology, perhaps most regrettable is that the shoes Adidas fans had signs Feet You Wear "natural feet" technology of. A few years in the late 1990s of the last century, both use a "natural feet" technology shoes, outsole with unprecedented style, strongly stimulate our Retro jordans for sale optic nerve. After several years of evolution, the human foot shape proved to be the most suitable for the movement of natural "equipment", "natural feet" technology is the use of bionics, the shoe outsole fight human-like foot shape , using the most natural way to provide the desired motion cushioning, stability, protection and other needs. The shape of shoes and therefore appear independent, highly visual impact, when the generation idol player Kobe Bryant's endorsement will make success "natural feet" technology even more powerful, with three generations before Bryant signature shoes and Walker as the representative of Real Deal double the number of "natural feet" shoes have become a future classic. Helpless "natural feet" technology is not Adi own patents, after the patent expiration of the contract, Adidas can not re-introduce the "natural feet" shoes up. In this way, the appearance and performance are very good "natural feet" technology regrettable disappeared. adidas A3 Today we are talking about adidas A3 (also known as A Cube) technology is only for the initial form, the latter because of a complete change of A3 Structure morphology has become another independent cushioning technology. When the new millennium NIKE Shox technology was an instant sensation, let the old rival Adidas also began to explore this material mechanical cushioning technology. Soon they will have their own technology in this field --adidas A3, an elastic rubber to create the cube shape of the heel cushioning technology. First pair of shoes using this technology adidas A3 Basketball's inception, people wonder which is similar to the shape of the heel Shox, Shox column followed by a round into a cube A3, the cube slow shock unit gap between the material elastic deformation provides a space for the use of this deformation and compression impact mitigation exercise. Adi this new technology works really similar Shox, but has its own characteristics on morphology. As Shox technology from the heel to test the water and then develop the same way as the whole palm, Adidas has launched a full charge A3 shoes adidas A3 Superstar Ultra in 2003, moderate hardness with a full charge of A3 adiPRENE vete jordans on sale online ran of very good technical performance. But soon he was exposed due to heel off security risks and recall the message, make a big blow to A3 technology. Adi then transform the technology, evolved into the technology of today's A3 Structure, traditional A3 also gone. if more than 30 years ago, Tinker Hatfield no design air max visibility window air cushion, now shoes market brand ranking will probably have great changes, but there is no so much if, masters of the Nike designers not only design the air max 1, air max 90 classic shoes, overwhelmed by more 2015 air Max day brings a new design of a shoe, nike air max zero. It is reported that the shoe will be officially released in March 26th. immediately download and install the artifact to grab a shoe artifact APP-- when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: instagram sandals in recent years has been in a hot state of the Rome gladiators, the state has to bear, 09summer, heat is still not subsided traces, but intensified, from the initial evolution of numerous styles of sandals, high heels, wedges etc.. Bundled design decorative tassels, rivets, immediately turned the rock madman, no simple plain style design allows you to add, the rising value of charm. Source: trend women NIKE SB most popular hand, P-ROD new shoes, Air, Jordan, Spizike, Boot, inherit AJ4, high-quality descent commented on last article: NIKE SB most popular slider P-ROD new shoes next: Air, Jordan, Spizike, Boot inheritance, AJ4 high-quality descent GOURMET DIGNAN shoes are full of some characteristics of retro jogging shoes, especially the design of the big shoelace position after the zipper zipper is opened. It seems that many mainstream jogging shoes are designed. But the improved design, like BOOTS, made him less athletic and more retro. And the launch of the color and some similar to the earlier ZX700 B-SIDE color, it is attractive. [page] subtitle #e# NIKE, AIR, SON, OF, GLOVE, replica shoes, Long, Wing, Brogue, Oxford / gentleman shoes comments on last article: NIKE AIR SON OF GLOVE replica shoes section next: Lon Cheap foamposites for sale g, Wing, Brogue, Oxford / gentleman shoes Nike Air Structure Triax 91 is a rising star in the shoe industry in 2001, as shown in their latest Nike Air Structure Triax 91 Women s women's wear edition. This pair of shoes and sail white shoe, on the hook mark edge, tongue, heel and sole, dotted with green and blue. In addition, the shoe is also a black in the end, with the bright colors of upper mutual agitation, the collision of dazzling brilliance, and colorful seasonal whole shoe sole meal this talent shows itself, qunfang. Finally, the net cloth shoes embroidered with Nike Structure logo, but also to highlight the unique life experience and extraordinary style. This new product will go public in March 2010, and recommend it to the vast number of women shoes fans. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike women's shoes; Nova Air, Structure, Triax, 91Nike, speed rust colored shoes, Air, Zoom, Toki, QS comments on last article: Nike women's new star Air Structure Triax 91 next article: Nike speed rust colored shoes Air, Zoom, Toki, QS , after a lapse of 16 years, Jordan Brand will finally bring back the , Air Jordan 11, Low, UNC, and color, and pay tribute to Michael Jordan's alma mater again in 2017. However, different from the original design, the 2017 edition of Air Jordan 11 Low "UNC" will be used "University" instead of "Blue Columbia Blue" tone, and the shoe body is a continuation of the classic structure of leather, patent leather and nylon lacing system, and equipped with a white translucent blue midsole and outsole. At present, Jordan Brand has not disclosed the exact release time of Air Jordan 11 Low UNC, but it is reported that it will be officially launched in summer, so please look forward to it! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public numbers make you tide 〉!John is an American brand Varvatos again this year in cooperation with Converse engraved a series of vintage Star Chuck version of All Taylors shoes, the use of rock culture as the main re create the single product including nail collocation ornaments, metal ball and leather weaving techniqu cheap jordans for sale es, design of retrorse design will play outside height. All StarNBA 2K10 version of vintage Star shoe show : a comment on the ancient version of the All Star a NBA 2K10 Star shoe show # Japanese Cons Bukexiaoqu # Converse 2013 winter series made a bold attempt in the classic Chuck Taylor All Star Hi fabric, vamp with wool, dyed blue, and shoe vamp and the blue line, play the role of eyeball, also added a circle of black vamp edge, create the most minimalist design. #White Vintage Shoes# Lacoste 1951 series #Nike looking # shoes Nike 2014 new Free 5 Preview comments on A: #White Vintage Shoes# Lacoste 1951 shoes series a #Nike looking # Nike 2014 new Free 5 Preview[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Patagonia, The North Face, Helly Hansen, Hagl & ouml; fs and Deuter other brands have had to cooperate with Bluesign companies. This is the turn of the sports industry giant Nike (stores) company with the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement. Nike will use bluesign bluefinder and bluesign blueguide two innovative tools in its entire logistics supply system. The former helps Nike suppliers for the production of more durable garment production process used in product formulations. bluesign blueguide the ??? Nike can be selected in more than 30,000 kinds of materials that can be used in existing processes, but more environmentally friendly alternative. In a statement, Nike said, "Nike is committed to the elimination of harmful substances and adoption of innovative sustainable materials." Bluesign technology company founded in 2000, which specializes in environmental technology and quality control solutions. SGS certification body owns 80% of the shares. Since 2011 has been criticized by green groups, the United States promised to Nike Group in 2020 will completely stop the use of toxic substances in its manufacturing process. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)'s new debut, Nike recently launched Lunar Force 1 High, "Graphic Pack"", the topic of new works attracted much attention. It is made of full nylon and blended with two layers of gradual changing color shoes. The shoes are fresh and transparent, and the outsole shows different fineness. Definitely another thing that shoe lovers can't ignore. classic reproduction, Nike, Air, Huarache, Lite, Retro, texture, FBT, visvim, 2014, summer, FBT, RENO, JP, new colors review on an article: Classic reproduction Nike Air Huarache Lite Retro next article: do not have texture, FBT visvim 2014 Summer FBT RENO JP new color was born in 2002 visvim FBT.html" target=" _blank" 〉 visvim; FBT series is definitely the classic design of the village century. In this winter series, following the earlier launch of the FBT SHAMAN series, the new FBT ELK series has been in the stage, type of shoes on the classical high quality leather making and carrying on the moose, the iconic TPU and Vibram outsole heel cushioning. At present, the shoes can be purchased in the tertiary stores, this series of 4 colors, priced at $770. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! shops | know these shoes shop term you wouldn't be cheated + shoe sale secret right! shopping, | NB996 who is the most popular host of Hunan satellite TV?! Anatomy of Hunan TV gene! black slang. What can't be used indiscriminately?! Chinese students were used to guns! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Asics, X, Atoms, Gel, Lyte, V, Camo joint camouflage shoes pays tribute to the history of Originals Adidas Originals Trefoil Logo Rita x Ora, Adidas, Originals, Shifter, Space, &, Mystic, Moon, FEIT, Hand, Sewn, Low, &, High new color series comments on last article: "future sense" loaded with Rita Ora x adidas Originals "Space Shifter" & "Mystic Moon" do not note series next article: luxury texture FEIT 2015 autumn column days ago, a hundred years of historical heritage, U.S. Polo regulators only U.S.POLOASSN (US Polo Association) officially authorized Fujian Jinjiang wantaisheng shoes company engaged in U.S.POLOASSN products, designated as the only authorized China mainland enterprises to jointly develop the Chinese market. for the huge space domestic Polo has not yet developed, wantaisheng will join the United States Polo Association acting mode of cooperation innovation, coordination and guidance in the United States Polo Association U.S.POLOASSN, extending from several industries, men's and women's wear leather, bag, with a a common way of sound and value to jointly promote the development of the U.S.POLOASSN brand, to bring a new way of life -- Polo for business people. to create a new model of agent in recent years, the international brands to enter the domestic market, Quanzhou shoe enterprises appear repeatedly, generally take a brand cooperation system, brand agency has authorized the sale period, but the two sides based on the mode of brand agency cooperation brand culture is rare, which will undoubtedly be the brand agency the operating system of innovation. "we can coordinate and guide the United States Polo Association U.S.POLOASSN, formed a brand family in the fields of men's and women's wear, leather goods, bags etc. U.S.POLOASSN involved, with a common voice and value to jointly promote the development of the U.S.POLOASSN brand. And in turn, promote each member of the big family of brand growth, this is the brand new proxy mode." Wantaisheng shoes company deputy general manager Fu Jianmin defined so. for example, "U.S.POLOASSN Shanghai authorized party will often invite us to observe the U.S.POLOASSN in other areas of the new conference. We can get inspiration from, a clearer understanding of the essence of polo culture, with its operation in sports products, product design to promote the formation of a more appropriate Polo brand culture positioning, and matched with the terminal building." however, the conventional brand agents often ready-made brand image and brand equity market development based on the subsequent development of the brand relatively insufficient investment, and lack of relative operation space, only regarded as a fast tool for enterprises to seek short-term profits, not to see the good culture of international brand agency needs extension. &n) September 20th, third days to put goods in Russia, in part through the formal procedures for the export of Chengdu shoes in succession "to its origin owner". More than half of the dealers who export through informal procedures are likely to be heavily fined. according to data released by the Chinese Embassy in Russia, China's exports of footwear products accounted for the first place in the Russian import market. and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, a person in charge told reporters, known as "China's women's shoes" in Chengdu, Wuhou District, there are more than 1700 women's shoes production enterprises, 90% of the products exported to russia. an industry insider who asked not to be named told reporters that trade between China and Russia has been "informal trade"". For more than 10 years, Chengdu women's shoes have mostly entered the Russian market by "charter fees". The Russian Prime Minister Fradkov signed the "Russian Federation government banned foreigners engaged in retail market and in vending booth" (hereinafter referred to as the "test to the" executive management) of the Russian market of Chengdu shoes manufacturers have not paid sufficient attention to the final was a thorough investigation of Russia recently. seized not just new Yongxin a whole enterprise, Russia's largest market warehouse in the seizure of state astaire. Many Chengdu shoes enterprises have been seized of the value of goods million, the entire market was seized Chengdu shoes more than ten million pairs. for this investigation, many shoe boss feel very suddenly. A shoe factory owner told reporters in Wuhou District, Russia has passed through the border crossings, the import and export trade logistics company investigated and dealt with, the fight against the surface is not large. The company has the compensation of the logistics company, and there is nothing to lose. This is a direct seizure of goods into the market, Astaire was closed, so many shoe enterprises face the crowning calamity. market at present, most of the Chinese business stalls have been closed, most of Chengdu shoe makers were forced to choose to leave. It is reported that this time there are more than 500 Chengdu shoe factory was affected, a series of chain reactions are tantamount to a leather shoes market earthquake.